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The Today News For Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd has ceased the booking of CNG-fitted Mehran variations from July 10, as indicated by a letter that the organization as of late sent to its merchants.

“Keeping in see the present low interest for CNG vehicles, the organization has chosen to end all CNG variations of Suzuki Mehran,” it said.

Requests that are now in the pipeline will even now be served, the letter included.

The Today News For Mehran  was the last privately collected auto that was offered with an industrial facility fitted CNG unit. Every single other model were eliminated throughout the years as CNG deficiencies made the portion unviable.

The offer of CNG-fitted vehicles in all out generation and offers of Pak Suzuki was more than 80 for every penny until a couple of years back, as indicated by an authority of Pak Suzuki.

The CNG segment has grieved for a long time in view of the suspension of gas supply in Punjab for a long time and three off days consistently at Sindh-based CNG stations, he said.

Another explanation for low interest for production line fitted CNG vehicles was the declining oil cost. It is currently Rs71.30 per liter, down 37pc from Rs113.24 on October 1, 2013. A year ago, its cost was Rs64.27 per liter.

The Today News For Pak Suzuki presented CNG adaptations of Mehran, Bolan and Ravi in 2001. CNG-fitted Baleno, Alto and Cultus were presented in 2002.

The administration suspended the imports of CNG packs and barrels in 2012 in light of gas deficiencies, which constrained constructing agents to end the booking of CNG-fitted vehicles.

The import restriction on CNG units and chambers for manufacturing plant fitted vehicles was lifted in July 2014 in spite of waiting gas deficiencies.

All Pakistan CNG Association Chairman Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha has been seeking after a restoration of the CNG division, basically in Punjab, from that point forward. “The utilization of CNG keeps on enhancing in Punjab where it has as of late gone from zero to 50 million cubic feet for each day (mmcfd),” he included.

This is far underneath the 200mmcfd pinnacle it hit before the boycott was forced. Because of no gas in Punjab from 2013 to 2015, many individuals expelled CNG packs and barrels from their vehicles. These packs and chambers were later sold through merchants in different areas where gas accessibility was similarly superior to Punjab, he said.

Distributed in sadaatnews, July 19, 2017

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