Navy F-18 fighter jet crashes into water near Naval Air Station Key West

Updated Mar 14, 2018 6:21 PM EDT

A Navy F-18 fighter jet crashed in the water near a naval station in Key West, Florida, Wednesday afternoon, the Navy says. Two crew members were on board and ejected. They have both been rescued and are being transported to an area hospital, but their conditions are unknown. 

The jet belonged to VFA-213, a fighter squadron which is based in Oceana, Virginia, near Norfolk. 

“It was going in to land, and all of a sudden, the whole thing flipped sideways and I saw a fireball,” witness Barbie Wilson told CBS News. “Then the plane just dropped out of the sky.”

Wilson said the Navy does training flights from the base “all the time.” She said she called 911 immediately but she didn’t see anyone eject. 

The Naval Air Station at Key West is the southernmost base in the continental U.S. 

Jon Miller contributed reporting.

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