Weather turning for the better Thursday.
Alex Gecan

A winter storm is charging across the South this weekend and forecasters are worried that it could jog north and make a mess of the Northeast with another bout of rain and snow.

If it connects, which looks unlikely at the moment, that would be the third straight week that the Jersey Shore has endured a coastal storm.

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The National Weather Service notes “there are still plenty of uncertainties” surrounding the future of this storm, which is expected to bring rain and thunderstorms to the Mississippi Valley starting Friday.

Accuweather says there is a range of possibilities: The storm could continue due east out into the Atlantic and cause no further disruption to our area or it could bend to the north and — worst-case scenario — bring yet another full-fledged nor’easter to our doorstep.

For now, the most immediate threat is already here, melting all around us. Forecasters are expecting the sun and relatively mild high temperatures to rapidly liquefy much — if not all — of the snow we got on Wednesday.

That will refreeze overnight as temperatures dip back in the 20s, well below freezing. Untreated roads could be slippery as black ice will be widespread, according to the NWS.

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